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Tip No. 4 – Always Visible Master Page Elements

| May 24, 2013 | 0 Comments
Layers in InDesign

Order of layers in layers palette.

Many times I got a question how to make master page elements, like page numbers or running heads, always visible!

The answer is, use layers. For example if you place an image on the page that is covering the page numbers, and you don’t want that, you will have to manually detach page numbers and place them above the image.

This can be avoided by placing all of your master page items on one layer that you will place on top of the layer list. You can lock it so that you do not place other elements on it accidentally.

In this case all of your page numbers will be on top and they will be visible. If you want to remove them, than you will simply detach them from the master page and delete them.

This is useful and you won’t have to worry about if master page elements are visible or not.

The image above shows the order of layers that I use very often. I place text layer on top of the images layer so that I can place image captions on the images. If you need the text to run around (text wrap) images than the text and images will have to be on the same layer.

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