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Tip No. 3 – Numbers on the Cover Page

| April 24, 2013 | 1 Comment

Numbers as headlines on the cover pageThis is our third weekly tip. Each week we will bring you short articles in which you can find some great ideas about different topics related to magazine production. These tips are not meant to be long and detailed, but instead they will be short articles which, we hope, will help you to get some ideas if you have creative block.


Numbers on the Cover Page

Numbers are one of the best cover lines and you can use them to attract readers. Since you have very little time to grab buyers attention your cover has to stand out among the sea of covers on the newsstand. Numbers are one of the tricks you can use to grab that attention.

For example, let’s say your cover line is “Best practices for younger looking skin.” Better cover line would be “55 best practices for younger looking skin.” Because if you place the number it means that you have selected 55 best practices among hundreds of other.

Some say that you should not use round numbers. Sometimes I agree. Number 10 is too small. It can be used if you are doing test of cars, hotels or restaurants but if you are giving some advice, 10 is definitely to small number. 50 is OK and 100 is OK. Skip 30, 40, 60, 70, 80… These numbers do not sound and look OK. Instead use 88, 66, 55 and so on. The number has to look good graphically and it has to sound good. 32 does not sound and look good on the cover. Change it to something better. Like 33, 36, 38…

Numbers are great and some magazines, especially women’s fashion magazines, use them almost in every issue. Try it out and you will see how will it turn out.

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