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Tip No. 2 – First Anniversary

| March 26, 2013 | 0 Comments

CupcakeThis is our second weekly tip. Each week we will bring you short articles in which you can find some great ideas about different topics related to magazine production. These tips are not meant to be long and detailed articles, but instead they will be short articles which, we hope, will help you to get some ideas if you have creative block.


First anniversary

Is your magazine celebrating its first anniversary? Congratulations, you have made it so far. Some of the magazines do not live the day to be one year old. How will you celebrate your anniversary?

Work with your marketing team to find ways to give some really cool giveaways to your readers. Don’t offer them just some cheap one year subscription to your magazine. It is not a proper gift. It’s your first birthday, be happy about it, make a big party, celebrate and thank your readers for sticking with you.

If you are a men’s magazine you can organize a giveaway and first price can be one year of free car rental for the winner, gasoline included.

If you are women magazine, you can offer one years free hair stylist service to the winner.

Make it big. Think about your readers cause without them your magazine would not exist.

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