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Tip No.1 – Column Photo

| March 26, 2013 | 0 Comments

Column photoThis is our first weekly tip. Each week we will bring you short articles in which you can find some great ideas about different topics related to magazine production. These tips are not meant to be long and detailed articles, but instead they will be short articles which, we hope, will help you to get some ideas if you have creative block.


Column photo

Do you have columns from guest writers in your magazine? These pages tend to be dull. Same old image, same old layout, just the headline and text changes. Why not change the photo?!

You can make several different photos of your guest writer and publish them in sequence. Each issue other photo. You can hire a cartoonist to make a cartoon image of your author. Even if you are a serious magazine it does not mean that you cannot play with it sometimes.

It will be even better if your guest author’s tone of writing is funny or even cynical. Maybe the topic is funny or entertaining. Let’s say you are travel magazine and your guest writer is writing about carnival in Rio. Why not make a cartoon of him dancing samba.

Do not put yourself into frames, try to think outside of the box and you will be surprised what results you can achieve.

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