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JOSHUA’s Magazine is a premium men’s lifestyle publication combining the most aspirational brands in Fashion, Well-Being, Sport, Art, Design, Motoring, Drink, Food & Technology. Its intention is to recreate the same feeling of wonderment and excitement that was once experienced as a developing mind gazing through magazines of old; their hued perspectives on brands, people and life giving that optimism and fervor for achievement that can only truly be created through the tangible medium of print.




JOSHUAs-Magazine-TWO-Hasselblad Stellar-Website-960-Blur

Joshua magazine is styled more like a book than a magazine, the publication is not sectioned in areas of interest, but rather in Chapters; the ebb-and-flow of the content reflective the chronology of life. Their Newsstand edition features a more ‘conventional’ front cover, giving insight to the content and inviting you into our aspirational world.

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Joshua magazine

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One of the strong points of the Joshua magazine are the photographs, often spread across two pages. On the other hand, simple but elegant layout and typography do not get in the way of great photography but just the contrary they complement them and together they create really minimalistic and stylish design.

Feature spreads are very often opened with blank white page containing single text column with centered headline while the  opposing page contains the image which often bleeds out. This creates elegant design which the topics they talk about deserves.

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Another strong point that you will notice is the thickness of the magazine that is due to the mate 115 gr gloss and 110 gr offset papers used that completes this great printed package. Just what you can expect from the magazine that covers such flamboyant topics.


Joshua team:

Editor in Chief: Eli Ankutse

Art Director: Justin Akomiah.


Joshua magazine

Joshua magazine

Joshua magazine

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