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Magazine Covers from 2013 That We Liked the Most

| January 20, 2014 | 3 Comments

Since this is a time of competitions and best of lists, we thought we should contribute in our own way. We do not think that these are necessarily the best magazine covers of 2013 since there have been so many great covers created this year, but this list is a selection of covers that inspired us and instantly won our hearts.

You know a good cover the second you see it. It can have great design, stunning photography, great illustration or a funny idea, or all four things combined. These examples have it all and they are the ones that made us go “Oh, this is soooo great” and we will explain you why.


Rogue (Philippines)

This is a magazine that covers art, culture, fashion and controversial general topics presented in a luxurious design. We have chosen this cover because of the great photography, unusual masthead treatment and nicely laid out typography. Clean and neat design of headlines nicely counterparts the playful nature of the main image. Elegant and beautiful.

Best maagzine covers of 2013 - Rogue


Stylist (UK)

Stylist covers the world of fashion and beauty. It was so hard for us to choose which Stylist cover to present since they have made several great covers in 2013. We like the simplicity in those covers, and most of them are funny, but in a gentle, subtle way. This one especially. Besides, we like how they have separated masthead and main cover image. Also in our opinion Stylist masthead is one of the most beautiful in the business.

Best magazine of 2013 - Stylist


New Yorker (USA)

We all know what is New Yorker and its long tradition of exceptional illustrated covers. This one is simple, funny and perfectly illustrated.

Best maagzine covers of 2013 - New Yorker


Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin (Germany)

This German magazine has produced a vast number of great covers, and this one is so damn beautiful. So old school. In our opinion probably the most beautiful cover in this list. It just depicts the mood of love in such a great way. The photo is exceptional. Shot in black and white with added noise, the couple hugging or dancing, it does not matter what they do, but passion and love is so clear in this image that no words are necessary to explain it. Red headline with enlarged word “Love” just adds that note of color needed to make this a perfect cover.

Best maagzine covers of 2013 - Suddeutsche Zeitung Magazin


New York (USA)

Another magazine with long tradition of superb magazine covers. This one stands out because of the great photography and beautiful handwritten headline. It seems that this photo was taken through the steamy glass window, or is it maybe an illustration or a painting?! Hard to tell looking at it like this, but who cares when it is so nice. Red headline centered on the page, just adds that extra touch of color and nicely stands out from the misty, cold, winter mood of the image.

Best maagzine covers of 2013 - New York


Playboy (USA)

Another stunning yet so simple cover. Great photo which shouts sexuality and indulgence without being cheap and rude.

Best maagzine covers of 2013 - Playboy


Boston (USA)

Everything has been said about this cover and it definitely deserves all of the media hype it received. Executed in just a few days, from idea to realization and both are outstanding. Idea to gather the sneakers from the bomb attacked marathon runners is exceptional. Once in a lifetime, we might say. Execution also impeccable. Notice how nicely the colors are arranged and how the black heart shaped negative space just ads that punch to this sad story.

Best maagzine covers of 2013 - Boston


Bloomberg Businessweek (USA)

If Süddeutsche Zeitung “Love” cover is the best one for us, this is definitely second best. Bloomberg Businessweek created so many great covers in 2013 but this one won our hearts. So cute is this illustration that you simply have to love it. Notice the choice of typography in headline how it compliments the style of illustration and especially notice how they decided to change the masthead to complete this turn of the 20th century look. You just have to love it.

Best maagzine covers of 2013 - Bloomberg Businessweek


The Economist (UK)

Great idea, great realization, simple, clear, straight to the point. We love covers like this. Everything is said and everything is clear to you the moment you see it. No additional explanation needed.

Best maagzine covers of 2013 - The Economist


Lucky Peach (USA)

This magazine has become famous because of its great covers. Their first few covers were mostly made with handwritten type and some great photography but the last three of 2013 are just out of this world. You have all seen the double cover “Gender” issue, but this one is our pick. So funny, simple, clear, straight to the point. And what an idea! All you need is a box of cereals, some milk, one toy and there it is, a perfect “Travel issue” cover.

Best maagzine covers of 2013 - Lucky Peach


Oxford American (USA)

At first glance, this looked like some section start page from inside the magazine and we liked it like that, but then we realized it was a cover page. We like the originality of the approach in this cover. You won’t see that many covers like this and this is why it stands out. Neat typography and great cover image.

Best maagzine covers of 2013 - Oxford American


Port (UK)

We love Port covers because they are so elegant. Especially this one where they have photographed actor Chitwetel Ejiofor against black background and looking sideways instead into the camera. This cover is elegant and beautiful without being pretentious.

Best maagzine covers of 2013 - Port


Psychology Today (USA)

On this cover we like the clash of “No” and “Yes”. Not only the clash of words, but the clash of the attitudes. How to say “No” when it is so much easier to say “Yes”! And the power of “Yes” is so clearly picture in this passionate bite.

Best maagzine covers of 2013 - Psychology Today


Southern Living (USA)

We know that there are better looking “food” covers out there, but this one won us the moment we saw it. The color palette is simple but beautiful. The cover image is great and headlines nicely arranged so that they do not interfere with the image. A great Christmas cover that is a little bit cheesy, but in a good way.

Best maagzine covers of 2013 - Southern Living

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  1. Matt Smith says:

    The Boston (USA) cover is the one for me. Fantastic!

  2. Jacquelyn says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about magazines. Regards

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