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Aquafadas Digital Publishing System

| April 23, 2014 | 4 Comments

aquafadas digital publishing system

InDesign is the program of choice in the majority of design studios and publishing houses thanks to its user-friendly toolset and sophisticated layout options. This tool can offer even more advanced capabilities when used in conjunction with digital publishing plugins. In this post I would like to focus on a Aquafadas plugin that enhances digital publications created with InDesign.


Aquafadas InDesign Authoring is a plugin that helps you make highly customized eBooks and apps. The basic package includes a wide array of enrichments such as video, slideshows, audio, interactive buttons, HTML5 and more. Premium enrichments are also available, allowing you to include things like drawings, mazes, quizzes, puzzles, Sudoku and more. You can export your documents as apps, ePub documents or web reader (.swf).


The main advantages of the Aquafadas plugin are its ease of use and accessibility to a large library of advanced enrichments, which are also compatible with Android. Aquafadas’ plugin is a free download. Once installed, it offers access to two panels: the AVE Project Manager panel and the AVE Interactivity panel.

The AVE Interactivity panel is the panel you use to add all of your engaging enrichments to the digital materials, which means you’re only using one panel to add every possible interactive element in our system. There’s no need to use the Object States, Hyperlinks or Button panels to add interactivity. This makes the learning process very simple.


For example, making an image go to full-screen mode is only two clicks away. First, you choose the picture enrichment, and second, you check “Enable Full-Screen.” It’s that easy. Another example, when you want to show or hide an image with a button, you can make the caption for the image using a layer name, or the name you have given that object in the layers panel.

This makes show/hide commands extremely easy to set up. Enrichments, layer-based calls, sub-layouts as InDesign documents or PDFs, are just a few of the hundreds of elements developed for use in the Aquafadas Digital Publishing System.

Aquafadas’ plugin lets editorial designers create documents that look like complex apps without a single line of coding. The feature that allows you to insert a page in your main document is perfect for building a complex navigation between different sorts of content.

For example, in a children’s book, you can create the main page with buttons to access 1) the book, 2) a maze, 3) a drawing, just by using InDesign and the Aquafadas plugin. With standard enrichments, you can let your imagination run wild and create really interactive content such as drag & drop, read aloud, location service, guided reading, image comparator, maze, slice game, drawings and much more.

Among the premium enrichments, you can find a memory, Sudoku, dot-to-dot, hide & seek, spot the difference, quizzes, gallery, etc. Designers can mix and match those elements to create an even more innovative layout in digital. For example, with the Draw feature, users can erase a visible image to reveal the hidden one.


When the publication is ready, it can be simply sent directly to an iPad to test using the MyKiosk app, making it easy to create a demo and show it to a customer without investing any dollars in this tool.


Aquafadas’ plugin is part of the complete Digital Publishing System that offers a really interesting business model. Today, publishers’ and communication agencies’ budget constraints are an important factor when shopping for a technology provider – they need solutions that are both intuitive and timesaving.

Aquafadas business model is based on fixed fees per publication, which allows users to create an efficient business plan. There are no hidden costs such as cost per download, revenue share, charge for push notifications, etc. The Aquafadas plugin for InDesign is free to download and test, allowing designers to familiarize themselves with the basics of digital publishing.

I hope this quick overview helped you understand the solution and incentivized you to test it out for yourself.

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  1. Josh says:

    Well, great.

    Except what this plugin offers is just what we know is making digital magazines fail hard time since 2010.

    It’s time we move forward. Really. We know readers (and advertisers) rejected this very approach, let’s not waste any more time trying to impose this. utterly. broken. approach…

    • Nikola says:

      Since I am not an digital publishing expert I cannot agree or disagree.
      What kind of approach would you suggest?

  2. Nasir Sheikh says:

    Although this article published few years ago, but aquafadas is still live and get benefits many begainer and advanced learner. Its better if possible in next article to published update about this plugin.

  3. Sergey says:

    It is a very interesting topic you picked up in comments. What kind of fail of digital publishing you talk about? As i see digital publishing industry groing killing paper…

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