Hello everyone!

My name is Nikola Mileta and I have a thing for magazines. Me and magazines we go way back. Back in the early 80’s publishing industry in my country Croatia was really big. Some notable magazines were published at those times and I remember I loved flipping their pages. Occasionally I was lucky enough to get my hands on some US edition of Playboy, French Photo or some other foreign magazine. Magazines were source of knowledge and information in times when there was no internet.

I never thought that some 15 years later I would work in magazine publishing. It’s been almost 20 years now that I am in the business of magazine designing. It seemed like it was yesterday, in the mid 90’s, that I got my first job as layout designer in one small magazine about interior decorating.
Back in the day, Pagemaker was my tool of the trade, Photoshop did not have any layers, images were scanned and I was printing (back in the day it was “Print to File” and not “Export”) PostScript files and iOmega Zip drive or external hard drive were the means of transferring files to the printing-house.

Later in my career I was lucky enough to work in publishing houses and magazines where I learned a lot about all aspects of publication creation and production. From working on image setters (at those times CTP output was distant future), big drum Topaz scanners and Matchprint proofers to dealing with photographers, freelance illustrators, editors, clients.

I worked in small magazines and in big, influential ones. Each time learning new things and progressing in my work. Finally I became art director of women’s weekly and then I moved to the women’s glossy monthly magazine. Now I work as an art director in leading croatian magazine about weddings, Story Vjencanja and also as an art director in croatian edition of National Geographic Magazine.

The reason I made this web site is because I know a lot about magazine production and I want to share it. Today when the magazine publishing industry is at the turning point, seasoned art direction veterans have to learn new skills, me included, just like the new young guns.

I hope this site will help someone just entering the business, and I even hope that some of my more experienced colleagues will find something useful or inspirational on these pages.

Magazine Designing is covering all aspects of magazine creation. From the design related topics, to print, editorial, production, digital publishing and even marketing topics. We are interviewing art directors around the world, presenting beautiful magazines and bringing you news about what is going on. Everything that I know and that is happening I will share.

You can also share your opinions and knowledge by commenting on my posts, contacting me with suggestions, critiques, accolades or just to say “hi”.

I hope that the community will grow and that we will enjoy our work even more.